Rilasciata pubblicamente la versione New Spark sw 1.2.58


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Spark sw 1.2.58

DOWNLOAD : dal server del decoder

Release Notes for v1.2.58:
New Features:
- NovoeTV (beta)
- Added support for Time update over internet (NTP Protocol)
- Online Subtitle support for live streams (test)
- Added support for Huawei E3131, ZTE MF180S & Alcatel X200X 3G modems

- Improved video quality over SCART/RCA
- Updated Opera’s Soft-Keyboard
- Updated Italian OSD Language
- Added Logic Channel Number (LCN) support for Terrestrial channels

- Fixed the YouTube video playback issue
- Fixed a bug causing a problem while establishing connection to the 3G network
- Fixed a bug causing the receiver to stop responding when the blue button is pressed while playing a media file

Known issues:
- The weather forecast function is currently not functioning



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